Glister Toothpaste Review

Glister Toothpaste Review

Glister Multi-action Flouride Toothpaste Review

glister toothpaste review

Glister Multi-action Flouride Toothpaste claims to do many things that other leading toothpastes do as well.  Some toothpastes focus on one aspect of dental health, Glister toothpaste claims to do it all, cavity fighting, plaque removal, freshens breath, teeth whitener, improves remineralization and stops demineralization.  Does Glister Toothpaste really do all that it claims?  Check out the review below to find out from those who have used it.

By Wu Ming
I have been using it for many years .and it is worth the price~~actually it’s quite cheaper than it should be.~
By Devon O. Horsford
I Recommend this toothpaste highly, keeps my teeth feeling clean and it’s not full of that junk they put in other brands that’ll be harsh on the enamel of your teeth . Can’t see myself using any other brand leaves my mouth feeling clean.
it’s a really great product .it really cleans your teeth and leaves your mouth feeling fresh ,you can actually feel the clean after brushing and it actually whitened my teeth
By Queen E
This toothpaste is excellent, leaves breath feeling fresh, and whitens teeth. I have been using it for years. I will not switch to no other toothpaste.
By Suk W. Yu
I noticed big improvement after using this. my mom’s friend told me about this and i gave it try. it seems like my gum got healthier no bleeding anymore and whitening i did not see difference but it cleans really well just like the crest toothpaste. anyway this brand make my gum healthier for sure.
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