Nutrilite Double X Vitamins Review

Nutrilite Double X Vitamins Review

Will Nutrilite Double X Vitamins Improve Your Health?

nutrilite double x reviews

One of the first Amway products I ever tried was the Nutrilite Double X Vitamins.  They claim to increase nutrient levels in your blood and give you the energy to live a healthier and active life.  Double X also claims to help improve your heart and cardiovascular health, improve bone and teeth health, boost eye and skin health, and supports your immune system.  After taking Double X myself for a few weeks, I definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels.  Don’ take my word for it though, here are some reviews from people who used Nutrilite Double X Vitamins.

  • From Joseph:  I have energy like never before. It’s night/day difference. I am able to keep up with everything I need to. with Double X I get optimal nutrition even though I eat whole foods, not enough on daily basis. Less than $1 a day for best of nature & science. The organic farms are in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, USA. They use who plants to make these, not synthetic. Dissolve one & smell how earthy it smells. Nutrilite’s Carl Rendburg invented vitamins over 75 years ago. They set the standard & nothing is better! for more info. I am so proud to use this for myself, my family, my parents, everyone I care about.
  • From Debra McLaughlin:  Nutrilite Double X is works well. I have used other vitamins and none compare. Although the vitamin is pricey, my health is worth it.
  • From Beatriz:  Since I am taking these vitamins, colds are problems of the past, there are well recieve by my very weak stomach. I highly recommend it.
  • Fr0m Jamie Tronolone:  These vitamins are the best been taking them for around 12 years now and I can’t imagine life without them they are awesome! they really do energize you! I was never able to take those over the counter vitamins I always seemed to burp up a very foul taste from the over the counter vitamins. I tried these and have absolutely no issues what so ever from these vitamins! I feel the difference a good vitamin makes rather than those over the counter imitations (over the counter vitamin want to be’s)..
  • nutrilite double x reviewsFrom maddog:  I had an opportunity to try this stuff about 50 years ago. A family friend was selling Nutrilite and got my mother to buy a box from her. Mom knew it would not be harmful, so she passed it on to her active teen age son. I was quite an active water skiier at the time. One day I realized I was much stronger and more endurance than normal.Later I recognized I had changed my intake with the vitamin suppliments. I did not take the suppliments expecting anything in return, but did notice a definite change. So now in my senior years I am looking for a little more zip in life. So I bought a round for the wife to try. She is very happy with the product and we will continue for awhile. I felt it was good enough to try again for my use. And then I felt it would be a good opportunity for the wife.  If you feel it is good for you and you can feel a difference, then it probably is. It has been around for many years and is not a product of China. I recommend it for my use, and would encourage you to see if it is good for you. “Try it. You may like it” Makes the wife happy too!
  • From Jay Dee:  When my boss at work saw the fist-full of vitamins I take every day (the usual – Calcium, multi, B12, C, Echinacea, etc etc…) he suggested I try these. I couldn’t be happier. These vitamins really do make me feel more energetic and healthier. I’ve even reduced my coffee intake because of this new found energy. I was a little worried at first at the price but I found that just buying the refills isn’t that expensive and in the long run might even be cheaper considering I’ve stopped taking the multitude of other vitamins.  I usually only take them once a day and rarely take them at night, but I find that this is enough for me and my level of activity. All and all I’m very happy with this product and I plan on using it for many years to come.
Here’s another review by former NFL MVP Kurt Warner:

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